Rubicon Valley Station

Welcome to the stretch of space called the Rubicon Valley. Between stars, this region is set between four major territories in the galaxy: one ruled by the Pure Empire, werewolves set to rule the universe under their martial law; one ruled by the Cheiron Consortium, a vast mega-corporation that owns most of what was left of human space; one ruled by the ArchConsilium, a vast alliance of mages bent on plumbing the secrets of the universe; the last the Necrotic Wastes, where there are still relics of a race that was ancient millions of years ago, the space riddled with Crypts and Vaults of the dead of that race, riddled with booby traps set by the Necrons in anticipation of future grave-robbers.

The world has changed these past centuries. Earth once existed primarily in a state of darkness, of ignorance, of bliss. As technology improved, and humans simultaneously began to reach for the stars and to build better minds than their own, those creatures hid in humanity’s shadows began to come to light. As humans handed over much of their autonomy to the artificial minds they created, it wasn’t long before those AI’s discovered the patterns that followed such creatures as vampires and changelings. As they’re nature came to light, two things began to happen. Science, as understood by mortals, had revolutionized, realizing the deeper Truths such creatures exposed that it had missed all these years. Two, at first, as such creatures that initially had fed upon humanity’s ignorance came to light, they began to be relegated to second class citizenship: mortals were scared, and once their predators came to light, the hunters, those mortals that had known all along, came to power, and tried to protect humanity by delegating any supernatural creatures not sanctioned by the powers that be to bleak existences.


Until they could run away, with the rest of those who felt trapped on the small planet called Earth. Upon discovery of alternate dimensions to reality, like the Hedge, Twilight, the Shadow, and the Underworld, much research was done on the properties of those dimensions. The Land of the Dead, above the surface of the planet, is called Stygian Space, and has been found to have odd properties. Time seems dilated, while space seems contracted. Should one be able to enter Stygian Space before travel, one can break the light barrier. But every hour spent is Stygian Space is maddening, and can feel like a day for the first hour, a week for the second. Time in Stygian Space is precarious. Most cannot stay for longer than nine hours before madness sets in permanently.

Still, the discovery of faster-than-light, or FTL, travel again revolutionized human civilization. It allowed for all those with enough resources, enough courage, or enough desperation, to make their way among the stars. What followed was the Stygian Diaspora. All those entities that predated upon humanity escaped to the stars, many of them taking their human followers with them. In the case of vampires, who cannot survive without human blood, this was a matter of survival. This Great Scattering, as some came to call it, heralded the equalization of the shadows, once more.

Rubicon Valley Station

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